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Ashley Pittman Studded Light Horn Bangle


Ashley Pittman, a jewelry designer who left her job in finance to volunteer in East Africa, is my personal new obsession! I discovered her through Twitter (where I get all my news, by the way) and she thoughtfully sent a necklace and bangle to me in celebration of fashion week (I am rarely without this bangle, it’s just one of the coolest pieces I own right now).

Not only does she contribute to the fashion industry with her designs, Pittman donates 10% of the line’s proceeds to fund a health center and school in Kenya, where the collection was inspired and now hand-carved by women in fair trade. The collection is as eclectic as Pittman’s background. It is traditional African jewelry with a modern twist. The materials largely include natural horn and semi-precious gemstones indigenous to the area, and much of the design reflects the strength and power of African dress. Bronze chains, arrowheads, and brass studs all add up to a look that’s bold and chic.

Stay in the authentic Kenyan spirit and wear the bangle with Suno’s Racerback Maxi Dress (Suno is also inspired by and partly produced in Kenya). No other jewels needed!



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