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Balenciaga Edition Ottoman Dupionne Tote: Thrown for a Loop


Hold everything: A Balenciaga with no studs, no fringes, and no visible zippers? What is this, bizarro world? The cutout handle, the only standout detail, is modish fun. I can’t say it’s original, but the tapered shape and excessive size set this bag apart from the norm. If an Hermès mated with a lunch bag, this would be the offspring. This is the bag that will get used a lot this season and then sit in your closet for five years, but when you whip it back it out, everyone will be like, “Wow! A true vintage!”.

It comes in another version, without the flap, but I find the flap more finished and refined. At Barneys New York for $1,375 with flap. At Barneys New York for $1,235 without flap.

Pair with: Go for a busy heel, like Tabitha Simmons‘ lizard “Dasha,” with enough cutouts and straps for a bag and a shoe combined. At Tabitha Simmons for $2,000.



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