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Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer & Corrector Kit: Don’t Leave Home Without It


It’s not easy to improve on perfection, but Bobbi Brown has managed to pull it off with her brilliant new kit. I don’t leave the house without my Corrector and Creamy Concealer – even on “no makeup” days! A product that takes 10 years off without injections or surgery? Now wonder this is the single most important item in my vanity.

The new formula is even creamier and goes on more smoothly, hiding blackish circles, minimizing lines, and quenching dryness (darkly-ringed, fatigued eyes are from dehydration caused by lack of sleep) in one step. Kaolin prevents it from settling into lines, emollients moisturize, and silica provides a “soft-focus” effect.

The corrector is a pink- or peach-toned base that Bobbi believes to be a vital step in neutralizing blue, purple, and green tones. I’ve used Creamy Concealer for years, but I didn’t start using corrector until last summer (I use Light Bisque corrector, followed by Warm Beige concealer). So forget Botox. Believe me, this simple set is all you need. Now that it’s in a convenient dual compact, it’s extra portable and user-friendly.

At Bobbi Brown for $32.



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  1. I used this today, as I do every day, and did one eye at a time (as I do every day-just to compare-I am such a nerd) and still after all these years…it is perfection.

  2. Wow! That story just made me want to try Bobbi Brown :). I always liked her beauty books, and no I’ll finally get the makeup :P. Thx so much!

  3. Hi Tina, do you like this better than cle de peau concealer? I remember you did a review on that. Would you recommend bobbi brown concealer as your favorite?

  4. I have cle de peau concealer as well. I think the corrector is the key here and that’s what makes BB’s better. And Tina, I can’t wait to try the new and improved version either. But I have been trying to use my old stuff before rushing out to buy new. My cosmetics drawer is overflowing.

  5. I just bought a corrector & concealer (older version)……I have a feeling I may buy the new ones before I’ve used them up…lol

  6. I got to try the new and improved version, and I think it’s head and shoulders above the rest of the concealers I’ve used. And it is TOTALLY superior to its previous incarnation! Get some!!

  7. This did not work for me, sigh, even though I was so hopeful. It caked on badly while it did not cover, now granted I have horrid circles and puffiness. I do use Clinique roll on and then EL Time Zone cream. What works for me are EL Double Wear concealer which covers really well and has the least tendency to dry on at the same time and Sensai Kanebo which I am using now, that one has the added benefit of anti-aging properties. Concealer is a must for me and very few work in my opinion because most do not cover and/or cake on badly making you appear ten years older.