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Burberry Studded Platform Sandals: Once Plaid, Now Rad


Excuse me, but when did Burberry become so hot? I thought this sultry sandal was Gucci at first glance. Tartan plaid, be damned! On closer inspection, however, there is a thin piping of black and white tartan fabric along the sole. Burberry can’t dismiss its roots entirely, but I appreciate the subtlety. And regardless, as it is black, studded, and with a pencil-sharp stiletto, this shoe is hardcore. The skinny and studded straps, especially the one that sits around the ankle, are über-sexy. The long crisscrossing front straps could stand for X-rated. Goody-goodies, consider yourselves warned. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $750.

A long, layered, draping necklace in black and sterling silver like the Rosantica “Penelope” still says sexy, as it hangs languidly over the chest, and the looseness of the chains is a welcome contrast to the shoe’s bondage-like straps. On Net-A-Porter for $505.


One thought on “Burberry Studded Platform Sandals: Once Plaid, Now Rad”

  1. I loathe platforms with a passion – but I could see myself dangling these from my fingertips while making polite party conversation barefooted!

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