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Couture Color DIY Hair Color: Blonde Today, Brunette…Later Today!


What a discovery I made in Los Angeles this week. Renowned colorist, Johnathan Gale, has developed a do-it-yourself hair color that’s the answer to our prayers– Couture Color. Don’t you hate going to the salon simply to cover gray – whether it’s premature and taking over, a mere four or five pesky strands, or gray, period? Well, no more. This hair color, rich in antioxidants from Brazilian-found Pequi oil, deeply penetrates your hair with no damage, leaving it shiny and silky. I personally observed volunteer models at the testing salon getting this lustrous coloring. One model in particular left with beautiful glossy brunette locks. The salon itself was quite small and I kept expecting that strong whiff of ammonia to waft by, but it never happened. No nauseating smell whatsoever. But you won’t even need a salon since this product is definitely do-it-yourself – or do-it-for-a-friend. So girls, trust me, Couture Color is to dye for! At Sephora for $30.



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  1. Have to tell my mom about this! She is always complaining that she can’t find anything good for at-home to cover grays, so she ends up at the salon every 3 weeks…

  2. Amazing! I must tell my mom about this as well… maybe my dad too 😛 I’ve had a lot of hair coloring done to my hair as well… left it really dry and damaged. I’ve been using Yes to Cucumbers leave in conditioner to help. Gotta try this though…it looks amazing and so much healthier!

  3. those are great hair colors!

    if you don’t mind i would like to introduce to you a great hair product.

    it’s the Shielo COLOR PROTECT Reflecting Conditioner. It helps protect and preserve salon color.