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Fendi Anaconda-Embossed Cuff Sandal: You Sexy Thing


I’ll just take the entire Fendi spring shoe collection, please! Their recent shoes have been showing me sexiness personified, especially this stacked stiletto in a nude that’s gorgeous for spring and a style that transitions to evening just as fluidly. “Stamped anaconda” might sound like a compromise (only the best for my shoe snobs!), but you won’t be blowing your entire shoe budget on one pair, so in fact it’s a major plus. Besides, this trend-specific creation is not exactly headed towards the “timeless” section of your closet. It will, however, go into the “hot stuff” category. The cut-out ankle-strap with little buckle is so sizzling, especially because you’re going to need to keep your skirt short, short, short! Or else it will look like you have stumpy legs, and that is not hot, hot, hot. With a touch of S&M, this is, by all means, a “Don’t F with me” look yet still demure and ladylike – and that, in essence, is a true modern woman! At Neiman Marcus for $860.

Pair with: When your legs are on display, be certain your mini-dress conserves some flesh – we’ve got to leave something to the imagination! Camilla and Marc’s flirty little “Equinox-printed” dress isn’t too sex bomb (puffed sleeves, no cleavage) and shows a lot of leg. On Net-a-Porter for $690.



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