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Longchamp Crocodile-Embossed Calfskin Tote: I Don’t Tote, I Transport Goods In Style.



For those of you who like to look polished and poised while toting your many things about town, the Longchamp croc-embossed calfskin bag is the one for you. The rich leather is supple and smooth, the roomy interior will let you carry everything from books to baby-things in style and the croc print will show the world that yes, you may have to pack things like handi-wipes, dog-waste bags and goldfish with you on a regular basis, but you are not about to sacrifice style for your toting needs. No way. You will tuck those Sponge Bob coloring books and tupper wear you forgot to take our last week safely away in your buttery leather bag and no one will be the wiser.

The snap closure of course, bothers me. But because this bag just looks so handy and perfectly simple, I’ll let it slide.

$400 @ Saks



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  1. A mother transporting things in style would definitely need a tote that would go over the shoulder. You can’t wrestle with kids, basketballs, footballs, shoulder pads, helmets, water bottles, snacks…unless you are hands-free.

    Pretty bag. Beautiful color on the inside. But, for this football/basketball mom, not practical. Handles need to be longer.

  2. Yes I concur. I’m a mom and it is a requirement to be hands free without a doubt. Hand held totes are for alone time. I’d pick this bag for that reason and that reason only.

  3. Wow ladies good catch. The handles do look super short now that you point it out. I like to be able to sling my tote on my shoulder if I have to. This would not be an easy bag to do that with without injury.