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Miu Miu Appliquéd Metallic Leather Clutch: Boom, Boom, Pow!


Expect the unexpected: comic strips are the latest inspiration for the fashionable. (Something is in the air; MAC has super hero-themed makeup and a Wonder Woman remake is in the works). This starburst-covered, metallic bag is a frisky take on super-hero chic, as opposed to say, thigh-high boots or mega-thick, waist-cinching belts. It’s too gimmicky for my taste, especially shown with the matching Miu Miu skirt, but it’s definitely fun if you’re looking for a trendy conversation piece. All you need is a pair of roller skates and you’ll be the most powerful girl in the rink. At Net-a-Porter for $1,350.

Pair with: Nude, cropped leather pants ought to toughen the kitsch bag up, without going over the top. Wear Zadig & Voltaire’s “Ava” style and get instant Parisian cool.

On Net-a-Porter for $770.


5 thoughts on “Miu Miu Appliquéd Metallic Leather Clutch: Boom, Boom, Pow!

  1. This would be great for a fun girls night out. Love it!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Wonder Woman!!!

    LOL! I like the bag. It’s fun like old-school Batman.

  3. C_Stereo on said:

    It doesn’t make me think of comics, but 70s glam rock. Fun fun!

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