Olivella Bath and Shower Gel – Molto Bene!


This is a luxury Italian bath and shower gel at a drugstore Frugal Snob price. Made with the highest quality of Italian virgin olive oil – it looks edible in the bottle – it’s packed with natural anti-oxidants and a high concentration of vitamins. In four scents (original, lavender, vanilla, and orange), I would recommend the relaxing lavender, as this product is ideal for a quiet bath. It doesn’t lather a whole lot, so it’s not great for the shower – I don’t think anything is staying on my puffy scrubber. I prefer a calming bath that doesn’t lather with an abundance of bubbles (unlike my kids who spend their whole time in the tub making bubble beard faces). All natural and with no alkali, Olivella Gel is so gentle you can use it on your babies, and those with sensitive skin. At Emporio Italiano for $9.50.

One thought on “Olivella Bath and Shower Gel – Molto Bene!

  1. This product looks like I can sautee my veggies in a pan with it! (A good thing in my book!) LOL I love natural ingredients and the price is very affordable. AWESOME! Been using Yes to Carrots shower gel and it smells delicious. Def must try this line though!

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