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Patyka Absolis Precious Woods Body Oil: A Bedtime Companion (for You and Your Companion)


This luxuriously scented sensuous oil is a must-have for anyone who loves getting in bed. Your body heat warms the silky oil and adapts to it so the scent works like your body’s own natural pheromones. It calms your skin while deeply nourishing and purifying it. Ylang Ylang oil and sunflower seed oil promote rejuvenation, while St. John’s Wort induces tranquility and prevents irritation. A dab will do to lull you to sleep, yet invigorate your awakening – you smell even better in the morning. Mix it with your favorite lotion so it will last longer. And by the way, it’s 100% natural, so use it alone or with your partner, if you know what I mean! At Dermstore for $65. Or if you’re in the area, visit Temptress at Plaza El Segundo, (310) 647-3467. They have the greatest beauty lines.

Pair with: Sleep in this saucy and cute combination of the Kiki de Montparnasse “Garter” tank (a simple jersey tank top with silk ribbon garter clips) and 3.1 Philip Lim’s “Cheeky” brief (silk tap shorts with vented sides). At Barneys New York; tank for $125 and brief for $95.

kiki_garter_tank.jpg3.1_phillip_lim_ cheeky_brief.jpg


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  1. Super hawt! Love the smell of ylang ylang. Have you ever tried a homemade blend of essentials oils?? Smells divine and you can be way creative with the combinations :).