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Serena Williams x OPI Grand Slam! France Collection: Let Your Forehands Do the Talking!


OPI nail polish is my favorite nail salon brand (with, of course, Chanel as the designer fave) – the colors offer good coverage and don’t streak or chip quite as easily as the competition. Speaking of competition, Serena Williams has just collaborated with the forward-thinking company (Justin Bieber x OPI polishes recently flew off the shelves) to release four new nail polish shades right in time for the French Open. Tennis is usually a one-on-one sport, so it makes sense that these polishes come in pairs. One set boasts “Spark de Triomphe,” a silver glitter to be worn under White Shatter; the other, “Rally Pretty Pink,” shimmering lavender pink to wear with Red Shatter. Shatters, as you probably know, create a kooky broken-glass-like design on your nails.

So the champion of nail polishes and the champion tennis pro have come together in what seems like an oddly natural fit. The question is, will these attention-grabbing shades fit into your spring look?

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0 thoughts on “Serena Williams x OPI Grand Slam! France Collection: Let Your Forehands Do the Talking!”

  1. I’m really into shatter polishes at the moment but one tip I have learnt is that you have to blob the polish on really thickly and don’t brush over it too much. Otherise you end up with a really fine pattern and it just looks a mess.


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