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Snob Exclusive! Charlotte Olympia “Pandora” Plexiglass Clutch: Clear and Present Glamour


Charlotte Olympia has stolen our soles and now she’s got her sights on our manicured digits. The designer of sultry-quirky high heels has just released a drool worthy evening bag: a plexiglass Pandora’s box that is just the sexy accessory you need to glam up an evening on the town. Innovate and intriguing, this clutch is totally clear and comes with three internal pouches – leopard-print canvas, black crepe, and gold leather – for you to change at your discretion (it can hold two at a time). A magnetic gold flower clasp fastens the bag, and a chain insert on the side secures it when open. Retro throwback details and an adventurously modern material, the “Pandora” is perfect with a demure dress. Since your clutch is a show-off, it’s wise to leave your figure to the imagination! for $615.

This is an exclusive preview courtesy of our friends at Net-a-porter, the clutch will be up momentarily to make sure you check back in!



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  1. Super cute and the pouches are the perfect addition to a clear bag. Love that one pouch is Leopard. Would be great for a wedding or other garden party.

  2. $615 for an acrylic storage box. That’s going to get scratched up and is not wide enough to fit your BlackBerry, keys, lipstick…

    I have more space in my Dooney wristlet.