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Snob Bag of the Week Mar 4th 2011


You’ve read our opinions on the above bags, now we want to know what you think of the bags we feature here weekly. Don’t be shy, vote on your favorite snob bag of the week! Please leave a comment and tell us why you loved the bag you voted on.

We will post a new poll at the end of each week. Have fun!

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  1. Love the blurbs on each bag you do and I am desperately in need of (do not laugh, please) a replacement for my original (yeah, old) black Balenciaga motorcycle bag. Down to that and the Lanvin fuschia little tote with pompoms (yes, I had to reinforce the bottom and do a hidden snap – Alber, wake up!!).

    The Bally bag surprised me. Simple and chic looked better than done done done. I like that it did a quality thing and the price tag really reflects it. Simple .. I’m loving clutches but seriously what if you want to reach out and touch something and your phone rings and your sunglasses slip all at once????

  2. I like the different price ranges offered this week. It’s fun to read about the expensive designer bags but when it comes time to buy I need reasonable options. Christopher Kon for me.

  3. lol, you should look for a clutch with a hidden wristlet or shoulder chain ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck and let us know what you end up with! xoxo

  4. Something about the tod’s bags stole my heart… I’m not usually a fan of croc but Derek nailed it! Love the simplicity & chicness. I imagine myself wearing this during the day for a saturday date & transitioning it for the night (provided the date is going well!). I mean I died for the bags…

  5. I love the Christopher Kon “Callie” hobo because of the obvious…way more affordable than all the other bags. It’s definitely more wearable too. I also never heard of Christopher Kon until your post so, It’s really great when you guys feature a “not-so-known” designer. Well to me anyways.

  6. Hi snobs,

    Love reading all your comments.

    @tivie24 I agree, Tod’s Fall 2011 is beyond! That croc is so dreamy…

    @jaja B So glad you liked Christopher Kon, snob style does not have to cost a fortune!

    @Jeanne Yup, MJ did good there ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. ps (What does everyone think of the new text on some of the images. We thought it’d make it more fun and custom for you. Do you like it? Feedback please!)

  8. I hate it! I think it looks so tacky. I mean, maybe if you picked a different font that doesn’t make me think of a PTA flyer. PErsonally, it really cheapens your “snob” image. Try something simple. And not in every color of the rainbow!!!

  9. Thanks for the response ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’ve been playing around, will keep your thoughtful suggestions in mind! xoxo