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Twitter Giveaway!

Congrats to Elizabeth P (twitter handle @BabyPyo ). Enjoy your wallet!


Kicking off spring with a twitter giveaway for our early birds this morning– win my South African Ostrich wallet in a gorgeous spring green! The wallets are made to fit iPhone/blackberry, lipgloss & passport and are ultra light weight to boot! All you have to do is Re-tweet the following and follow @Bagsnob on twitter.

Leave a comment with your Twitter handle. Winner will be chosen via random drawing on March 31st. International readers welcome. Good luck!

Check out the gorgeous photos my friend Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home took!



225 thoughts on “Twitter Giveaway!

  1. Beautiful colors! I’m 4gingee on Twitter.

  2. shuzluva on said:

    Great giveaway! My twitter handle is:


    Thank you!

  3. Retweeted!

    The wallet looks awesome!


  4. Hey honey! My twitter handle is @Angie_Stargazer πŸ˜‰

  5. Ahh! I’ve been dreaming of these gorgeous wallets since you first launched them! What a perfect accent to this Spring’s Color Blocking! – @miss_content

  6. so pretty for spring!

    I’m @nooonie on twitter.

  7. Just tweeted – @beautifymylife

  8. I love the purple one! My Twitter handle is RebeccaLenee.

  9. @opinionnothing

  10. kelli doyle on said:

    my twitter: thisiskellid

    the ostrich wallet looks fabu!!

  11. Courtney on said:

    so pretty! i tweeted ( @courtneydenison )

  12. I’m nina0205 on twitter.

  13. Michelle v on said:

    Gorgeous wallet! Im following you on twitter as kapoki

  14. Sarah Hirsch on said:

    tweeted! twitter ID = stigay

  15. this is great!!!

    my twitter handle is: Shirl85

  16. Awesome colors! twitter handle = turbovivi

  17. So excited!!! It’s a GORGEOUS little wallet :)

    I’m someninja on Twitter!

  18. gorgeous giveaway! I’m following on Twitter (zbenko)




  20. tweeted! twitter ID is kobe_bear

  21. Hi, Tweeted……jenny1997

  22. Love this. Twitter handle @bobbimenard

  23. YukiCharlotte on said:


    PICK ME! @YukiCharlotte

  24. love the wallet


  25. Those are gorgeous. Perfect for spring.

    im @firestarr888 on the twitter.

  26. For international fans too?

  27. The purple is gorgeous! @elleg929

  28. Gorgeous!


  29. Love it! @BethinSTL

  30. A big big fan from singapore! @ttzh711 followed and retweeted!

  31. Done and done!


  32. Love this. Twitter handle @bobbimenard

  33. Love it! It’s absolutely gorgeous! @grumpy1970


  34. I’m curleehair on Twitter and I just retweeted!

  35. Kimberle Baileyy on said:

    Fab wallet!!! Love the colours and everything about it! I have tweeted as AutumnScamper

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Oooh, is this open internationally?

  37. i want one! πŸ˜‰ a fab wallet with a great colour for spring πŸ˜‰ twitter : @rilexander

  38. Retweeted! I’m Marine_Meg24 on twitter

    These are beautiful!

  39. Awesome giveaway. Thank u! @geekchic21

  40. Brittany Kelly on said:

    retweeted! @BrittanyRaeann love this ostrich wallet!

  41. These wallets are beautiful. My twitter name is @stitchymom.

  42. I seriously have been in need of a new wallet, the one i have is old and dingy.

  43. love the wallets….hoping someone gifts it to me πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ @medinirai

  44. chris swan on said:

    I rt’d @jadenruby

  45. Anonymous on said:


    Love these!

  46. Stacey Lui on said:

    retweeted my handle is slui78

  47. Love it! @MsLauraJane

  48. Retweeted by LVMKE

  49. michelle on said:

    Where can I buy one????

  50. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Hi Michelle,

    You can buy one at 4510 Boutique in Dallas– 214-559-4510 ! xoxo

  51. Elizabeth on said:

    retweeted! (@babypyo) would make the perfect gift to me for my anniversary (5 years!) since doubt hubby can get me anything this year :(….

  52. alexandra on said:

    RT’d from @alexandrahurd

  53. Gorgeous! I’m @fashionsmaven on Twitter. Amazing giveaway!

  54. Julia Chung on said:

    I’ve always wanted to get my hands on these. Retweeted.

    @JuliaBChung Thank you!

  55. Am following you on Twitter and will Tweet this right now!

    I am @couturecarrie.



  56. Nikita Nik on said:

    Great Giveaway! I Love it!! (@5Nikita)

    I follow you and I tweeted!/5Nikita/status/47382369019244544 and I’ll keep tweeting about it!

  57. @nofakehandbags…retreating and sharing on FB!

  58. Anonymous on said:

    Gorgeous wallets–love love love the colors!


  59. Jazmine C. on said:

    Gorgeous–love love love the colors!


  60. Loving the green and orange!! You guys give away the best stuff! @bluelillieuk

  61. love, twitter-maniacemily

  62. Love these, they are so pretty @kitkat234

  63. sherieann on said:

    wow that is a fab bag following @RedRoses4 uk

  64. Avishan on said:

    Retreated and following you! I’m @babyoverload

  65. Joyce B. on said:

    Tweeted @jbfrommi

  66. Kaiulani on said:

    Love Bag Snob @KaiulaniWatson

  67. oldy99worldy on said:

    Never seen anything like this before – really nice.

    Following and tweeted.


  68. koulapkeo on said:

    Retweeted and following. I’m @koulapkeo

  69. Yan Lee on said:

    Retweeted and followed


  70. Tweeted this great giveaway twitter name is @robynhunt

  71. Monica Quiros on said:

    re-tweeted with NYCnDallasgirl this morning.

  72. Katrina Brady on said:

    I tweeted my ID is sweetmamabrady. Gorgeous gorgoeous! Love the green

  73. gorgeous! I am micaela6955 on twitter

  74. Cathy Mapa on said:

    I’m yayaof2!

  75. Mary rodowicz on said:

    “Gorgeous’ love all your pics tina !!! Following and tweeting as @alongcamemary1,,ty for the chance to win !! Mary =)

  76. @brockcameron

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  77. I’m kbri16 on twitter.

  78. beautiful!! followed and retweeted by @absurditto

  79. This is gorgeous!! I adore every color too.

  80. Mindee Larsen on said:

    Tweeting as @mindee7 =)

  81. Gorgeous!


  82. Jolene Hwee Ang on said:

    Retweeted! @jolenehweeang

  83. Lovely wallet! Retweeted! @hayleycasa

  84. Ooh, they’re all beautiful and will give my poor back a rest from the crossbody oversized! twitter moniker is KeyserSuze. Thanks for the comp ladies xx

  85. FY Agusto on said:


  86. @caityrowlands

    Fingers crossed!


  87. @Megeise

    These wallets are gorgeous, love the colors! Xx

    Thank you

  88. @emmulate

    gorgeous! if we dont win, where can we buy one??

  89. Jane Wright on said:

    Just love the prize – got everything crossed!!!!


  90. love!!! :) twitter: pola_ang

  91. love!!! :) twitter: pola_ang

  92. katjastorm on said:

    retweeted! @doriable

  93. Kfloveinme on said:

    Beautiful wallets!! twitter:mskenyaf

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  94. Brittany on said:

    These bags are absolutely gorgeous they are fun and I love the size. My twitter handle is _omgitsbritt

  95. Lisa Dion on said:

    retweeted @wldflowur13

  96. Kathlyn on said:

    Come to mama!

    I’m mutttts on twitter:)

  97. Natalie on said:

    @Lexiquin follows you on Twitter


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. Cute wallet. Shared on Facebook,

    and tweeting as @miss_moneymaker

    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  99. RT on twitter under!/jmdaniel1

    Following you on facebook and have you on my Google Reader

  100. Oh I need this! RT on twitter as choc_closet

  101. done and done! twitter is @hayleyhorcrux

    love it when international readers are included, thanks!

  102. I RT’d! I’m BooksFashionSea on Twitter.

  103. I RT’d! I am BooksFashionSea on Twitter.

  104. Anonymous on said:

    @BelleofKentucky is my twitter handle .I love the bright colors and would love to have one of these wallets

  105. my twitter handle is @isabellebasi

  106. Adrienne Z on said:

    WOW!! Retweeted!! Here’s my comment! Love it!

    @chichijunk on Twitter!

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  107. amazing


  108. I love it! Done retweeting! My name on twitter is @arigawibisana

  109. done & done

    twitter handle is @notesbyastylist


  110. Hongyee Hoang on said:

    I love the turquoise!!! @isaay_buyer

  111. Beautiful! @caitlinbartz

  112. Estella miller on said:

    So pretty!Love love love the turquoise! Follow as @wins4me

  113. i retweeted Ldstarr18 thanks

  114. Beth Windham on said:

    My twitter is Morella9. Fingers crossed!

  115. I just tweeted @Cillaann

  116. Jessamine on said:

    Love it! @jessamine_s

  117. Would love to have this! Love thee exotic skin and amazingly it fits blackberry so perfectly, and it will be great gift for my mom! πŸ˜‰ wish me luck *finger crossed!

    @gilbertganda on twitter. RT and followed the @BagSnob

  118. @bluelillieuk Also, thanks for having such a mobile phone friendly site! Much appreciated for mobile twitter users!!

  119. would be my first and amazing win on giveaway! @ainorookie

  120. Anonymous on said:

    Dimpledprincess is my twitter handle. Sooooo need this!

  121. green is good luck, it’s the color of money ;)@_CHICHappens

  122. Patty Dion on said:

    @pattypooh11 I love it!!

  123. Gosh, it’s so gorgeous!

    Twitter : @melanieedavis

    Wish me luck!

  124. following @mefink

  125. Love the colors! :) On twitter @michellerwoo

  126. Love the spring colors twitter at @michellerwoo

  127. Gorgeous! @kissesforusall

  128. Crissy D. on said:

    The blue wallet is fabulous! I love it!

  129. Carol B on said:

    LOVE this!I would so love to be the lucky winner of this gorgeous wallet! Actually I can see me just carrying this instead of a heavy bag whenever possible.!/OnlyMe3074/status/48708680056705025


  130. Lisa Grassetti on said:

    Great colors! :-) Thanks for the chance at a awesome wallet! @ladylisa1 tweeting and hoping to win

  131. I follow on Twitter @dopeymouse05.

  132. Christina L on said:

    I can’t get over how many yummy colors your clutch wallets come in. To. Die. For.

    Keep it up =)


  133. The colors are wonderful, my favorite being the blue! @saraminda

  134. Retreated and following you. Love the orange and purple. @pam_ny

  135. Adrienne Z on said:

    tweeted! I’m @chichijunk

    Loving these!! chichijunk at cs dot com

  136. Retweeted and a follower. I’m tigerlily636.

  137. I generally don’t like handbags or accessories made with alligator, snake, etc,but these wallets are so incredibly beautiful, love the bright colors and they look as soft as could be. I would love to own one of these beautiful, luxurious wallets especially the green or turquoise. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. My twitter handle is @DianeLori


    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  138. Sally Lewis on said:

    This is something I dream of, thanks for the chance!!

    I am @tickingsal on twitter

  139. Priscilla on said:

    Great giveaway!

    My twitter handle is: NightOwl725

  140. The spring green just so happens to be my favorite!


  141. Simply gorgeous! Those colors look amazing. Tweeted @princessla66.

  142. I follow you as @katygmorris on Twitter and just ReTweeted. Awesome wallet! Sooooo hot! Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  143. I follow you as @katygmorris on Twitter and just ReTweeted. Awesome wallet! Sooooo hot! Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  144. Vittoria on said:

    retweeted @DolphinV27

    these are gorgeous xx

  145. Great giveaway! @ceyouont

  146. Retweeted @klynbaker

  147. Twitter name: @shin_thian

  148. Obsessed with this wallet! @dagirlnxtdoor is my twitter handle

  149. Tina Lim Keasberry on said:

    Retweeted by @limtix

  150. Charmaine on said:

    Nice! @cHarkhoo

  151. Gorgeous! I’m already following you (how could I not? :-)) and tweeted. My id is HipMom

  152. ne-knopka on said:

    following on twitter (annakul) and tweet-

  153. @Tracy_Iglesias (aka Ascending Butterfly) is following you and Tweeted over 4,000 followers here: t

  154. Linda Meyers-Gabbard on said:

    I retweeted the giveaway. My. Twitter ID is. LLMG1960

    LLMG1960 at gmail dot cim

  155. Anonymous on said:

    tweeted and follow @elenarudaya


    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  156. Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the blue- such a beautiful colour!! <3 Tweeted @Englishian XoX

  157. Audrey Hudson on said:

    So pretty! My twitter handle is @pelletposy Thanks!

  158. tweeted @lunaj1456

  159. I have retweeted. Lovely piece. My twitter handle is @herzco

  160. Love it …. @Niikaology

  161. connie moore on said:

    twitted @nanconnie08

  162. Katherine on said:

    Very pretty and powerful…@kkamariay

  163. Kimberly on said:

    Twitter ID: @kcoud33; tweeted:

    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  164. Kimberly on said:

    Twitter ID: @kcoud33; tweeted:

    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  165. Katherine on said:

    retweeted it – twitter handle is @kmdepasquale

  166. Katherine on said:

    retweeted it – twitter handle is @kmdepasquale

  167. Gorgeous! Would be perfect with my sky blue Longchamps for spring! @pixiestash

  168. I absolutely love these gorgeous colors. One is prettier than the next!

    @morigaine is my twitter handle ;*)

  169. Oh that is gorgeous! Retweeted @yamsly

  170. Oh that is gorgeous! Retweeted @yamsly

  171. Cristina on said:

    I tweeted:!/mumzymum/status/49497248874246144

    Here’s my handle: @mumzymum



  172. love it!!


  173. love it!!


  174. Twitter: @ChicGiselle

    Fingers crossed!!!! :)

  175. Green is my fav color, crossing my fingers ,

    ( @gladis1712 )

  176. Love the giveaway- best one I’ve seen! Tweeted! @ficklebeauty

  177. those wallets are gorgeous1



  178. Cynthia S on said:

    Really nice piece. Retweet @matzsmith

  179. Jennifer P on said:

    I retweeted! I follow you on twitter. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  180. Beautiful! Tweeted @Ziggywag

  181. Amy Childs on said:

    Tweeting @lilmiss37

  182. reva skie on said:

    Yay, yay! @revaskie

  183. Kirstin on said:

    Love it – so beautiful! @KCB33

  184. Heather Se on said:

    So pretty! @ScoomerBlog

  185. Mamavalveeta03 on said:

    I RT’d the contest on Twitter. Love these!!! @mamavalveeta03

  186. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    My twitter account is @pointeshoesx3


  187. Gorgeous giveaway!!

    My twitterhandle @Saar


  188. Tina W. on said:

    Gorgeous! I’m witt0071 on twitter.

  189. I’m @GlamGirlVanity :)

  190. Anonymous on said:

    Love this giveaway!!


  191. I’m @wong_way

  192. Sheenderella on said:

    RTed @sheenderelly

  193. Sheenderella on said:

    RTed @sheenderelly

  194. I am completly in love with that wallet!

    tweeted – @nickiem

  195. MissMari on said:

    Super cute retweeted @theoscar_wilde

  196. Those R super sweet hope I win @ilovearealman

  197. Hi, this is Sai @isthiswho. I’m following you on twitter and retweeted.

  198. megan l on said:

    Amazing! my twitter @megstar88

  199. Amazing giveaway! I’m @BeckyCaissie

  200. Looks fabulous! My twitter handle is @sargoodie.

  201. christine on said:

    love the bold colors! @swimmons8605

  202. LOVE the spring green color. It’s my fav out of the bunch.

    Tweeting via @xriyah

    *crossing fingers!

  203. Retweeted! @behindthelashes

  204. barkergirl33 on said:

    I love it(but will probably gift it to mom as a thank you!), rt’d I’m barkergirl33 ( Enjoy the weekend!

  205. barkergirl33 on said:

    I love it(but will probably gift it to mom as a thank you!), rt’d I’m barkergirl33 ( Enjoy the weekend!

  206. Break me into a spring mood! Would love to pull that out of my bag everyday:) I’m @HopeVirtue.

  207. Margaret on said:

    These colors are vibrant and beautiful. I am @bockle and retweeted: RT & follow @Bagsnob to win Spring Green Ostrich wallet worth $595!

  208. I tweeted @ninabonita33

  209. Jason Munce on said:

    I have retweeted the message and following…

    twitter handle: WhereIsMyBenz

  210. Love them!! My twitter is @LeeannVinson

  211. Katie W on said:


  212. Shavonne on said:

    looks Cute @mae_west_

  213. I hope I’m still in, if so my username is imchiri :)

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