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Vanicream Cleansing Bar


I love this cleansing bar, not for my face but my hands – for after make up application. Regular soap won’t cut it especially if you are using your hands to apply foundation, which you should because it’s the best way to achieve consistent coverage. I bet you have a hand towel that is stained with make up. That’s because hand soap is not formulated to wash away the oils in foundations and pigments in shadows – and don’t even talk about mascara!! I would never use, say my La Prairie cleanser to wash my hands, why would I do that? But a $3.29 bar of soap made to remove makeup? Brilliant, isn’t it? This is a gentle cleanser made for sensitive skin so you get the added benefit of pampering your hands while you’re at it. It’s not as moisturizing as it claims, but at least it doesn’t strip your skin. Always apply hand cream after washing hands anyway =) At Drugstore for $3.29.



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  1. This is GENIUS! I always encountered the same problem as I wash my makeup off. My solution was to use makeup wipes instead. My sister recommended me the Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes and it takes the day off… and no messy makeup hands! 😛