Vince Draped Leather Jacket: Lazy Days Get an Upgrade


One of my favorite things in my closet for no-brainer dressing is my draped cardigan – and now a draped leather jacket? My laziness meter just jumped a notch. A riff on a classic Rick Owens silhouette, Vince’s angular olive-gray jacket isn’t for your typical slobbish getup, it’s the good kind of slacker wear: relaxed, effortless chic.

The obvious choice is a jeans and T-shirt for everyday (very off-duty model) but just imagine it with the right dress. Totally fab! Thank the lord for pieces like this. It excites me to think I can drop off my kids at school, go straight to a girls’ lunch, and stay out for dinner and cocktails all with the ease and grace of a single look. Let’s be realistic, though. I’d probably end up changing my shoes for evening. On Net-a-Porter for $1,095.

Pair with: Leave the volume to your lapels and go for a streamlined cocktail gown, like the “Miner” by The Row, sheer white and simple-sexy. The pairing of a long dress and leather jacket is decidedly fashion-forward. On Net-a-Porter for $1,190.

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