Michael by Michael Kors Joan Bag: And Ode to Mom


Of all the women who have inspired Michael Kors throughout his career, the most influential is none other than his mother Joan (a fashion model in her heyday!). Each season we see subtle nods to Joan in his collections (over sized sunglasses and 60s ladylike sheaths for example) but this year it’s a full blown shout out of his adoration for her– via the Joan bag that he designed himself personally. And here I thought I was special with a macaroni bracelet my 6 year old boy made for me, I pray that one day he too will design a bag just for me! The effortless satchel is much like Joan herself, a classic bag with modern sensibilities. An easy bag for day or night with multiple functions to boot (double handles, optional shoulder strap with pockets and compartments galore). Who could ask for anything more?! I’m thinking we all need to get this bag for our mothers for mother’s day! At www.Michael Kors.com



7 thoughts on “Michael by Michael Kors Joan Bag: And Ode to Mom

  1. mochababe73 on said:

    Awww…Now, I feel high maintenance. I told my son that I wanted a Jaguar Convertible.

    Beautiful bag. I would love to have the red version.

  2. Jessica on said:

    He looks just like his mom!

  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Yes he does, isn’t it so cute?

  4. Hos happiness the son and mum, good pic indeed!

  5. Angela Silayo on said:

    your bags is sooooooo cute, im dying for it

  6. got the red one. it’s just fabulous!

  7. Got a black one from my daughter for Christmas…feeling spoiled…love it!!!!

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