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ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo: Send Your Hair to Rehab

ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo

Be prepared: I’m pretty excited about this! I experienced crazy amazing, plentiful results from ABBA’s Pure Detox Shampoo. You know how your body needs a good detoxing sometimes? Well, your hair is the same. The build-up from products, chlorine, pollution, and simple hair grease takes its┬átoll – and every so often our hair needs a chance to get back to its natural state. Well, only a good total cleansing can achieve that. Sure, the delicate shampoos are great at preventing stripping and drying, but once in a while you need more.

So how about a shampoo that is gentle, but cleans your hair so thoroughly that it is actually softer, more manageable, and more voluminous? So much so that you don’t even recognize it as your own hair?! I bought this shampoo in preparation for the impending summer of swimming in pools, thinking it would be the perfect product to purify my hair of chlorine.

I decided to test it out ahead of time and was blown away. My hair took on a whole new characteristic. I had thought my hair felt heavy because of its thickness – and that was why it seemed so “unstylable.” But I was wrong; it was all because of toxic build-up. After one shampooing, my hair was as smooth and shiny as if I’d just gotten a blow-out. It felt completely different – soft and feathery – something I never thought my hair could ever be. Made with molasses and baking soda, the consistency and color is just like molasses. It wafts a hint of a Chinese herbal scent, which I personally love, but it might take others some getting used to. I followed up with Pure Basic Trumint Conditioner, which hydrated my hair and scalp. Its scent of rosemary and mint is really nice. I recommend using both; but if anything, the shampoo is a must-try! ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo on Amazon for $16.23.

ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo



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  1. WANT IT! I was just at Target looking for a new shampoo to try out and I came out with Yes to Carrots.

    This looks like a really good shampoo to take away all the build up…amazing!

  2. Will this product cleans thc out of my hair ? I have to take a hair drug test for my job and I got drunk one night and smoked some weed which I never do but I don’t want to lose my job !!!!

  3. Great product wish more stores carried it I use this about two to three weeks prior to getting my hair color done so i have no build up and my hair color comes out better and last longer I also used this on my Boxer Dog when she got sprayed by a skunk one morning when she went out early to use the bathroom and it washed the smell out in one use FYI
    ULTA Just stopped carring Abba products and i am so disappointed