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American Apparel Neon Nail Lacquer: Juicy Fruit


Not bold enough to don a neon green dress? No need to make a full-body commitment. Ease in to the eye-catching trend via your manicure. Gone with a swipe, change your nails as fast as you change your mind. While a Day-Glo pink miniskirt shouldn’t stay in your closet forever, you’re never too old to have fun, bright nails. American Apparel’s new collection of neon lacquers – in coral, red, violet, green, orange, and yellow – pack more of a color punch than most fluorescent polishes, letting you keep your options open and your fingertips mega-hot. So say later to the soft grays, plumy darks, and rich reds that are feeling so drab now that spring is full-on, and remember: the more neutral your dress (put a whole new spin on khaki), the wilder you can get with your digits.

At American Apparel for $6.



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  1. Lush! I cannot get enough of super-brights at the moment and these look fab. I hope they have a good colour payoff cause the coral & yellow hvae defo caught my eye 🙂

  2. Wow that green one is sooo neon! I’ve bought other neon greens that didn’t look nearly as vibrant once I put them on, so I wonder how this one will actually look. Hopefully they have testers at the store.

  3. Hi Jeni, yes they will have them at the stores! Let me know if the green is green enough to your liking 🙂 xoxo Tina