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Antik Batik Enzo Studded Leather Shoulder Bag: My Summer Grab Bag


We all are aware that crossbody bags will be clutch come summer, but which one to choose? I am currently in the market for a crossbody large enough that I can bring it to work on the days I plan on playing afterwards, but is also something I can mix with many outfits, so when I am wearing a skirt and a fitted top, it doesn’t look too casual, and when I’m in a laid back summer dress, it doesn’t look too formal. I think the Antik Batik Enzo studded leather shoulder bag may be my answer for my summer needs. It is a perfect mix of laid back style and rock worthy edge. Black leather will go with almost anything, and the studs give it a pop that will keep people guessing as to whether or not I’m actually Rihanna, and just look reallyyyy different in real life. I could wear this with a fitted black dress to work and with cutoffs and a tank on the weekends. The double-chain and snake-effect leather shoulder strap adds sexiness to this little guy, and anyone who knows me is aware that I love a good tassel. It is a ziptop closure, which is something I require on almost all of my everyday bags.

Another plus to this purchase is that even on my revised “Emma is going to save lots O money so one day she can buy a castle in the South of France” budget, I wouldn’t feel too guilty about scooping this up.

$585 at Net-a-Porter


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