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China Glaze Ecollection “Recycle” Nail Lacquer: This Gray is Smoking Hot


Move over Essie “Chinchilly” and OPI “Over the Taupe.” There’s a new neutral in town and she is kicking your tired old asses! Just when I thought the age of the gray nail had come and gone, what with a bevy of shiny nude nails cropping up, I spot China Glaze‘s “Recycle.” What looks like concrete in the bottle is soft, warm, and pale enough for summer (although I can’t do neutral all the time; I switch it up every other week with a bright purple to keep it festive). With everyone still sporting these heather grays and toned-down taupes, I crave a slate that strays from the pack. “Recycle” stands out because it’s not trying to stand out. Neutral doesn’t get more, well, neutral than this. Average gray lacquers tend to look a little dirty at times; China Glaze delivers clean, polished, lustrous. Wear it on toes with all your new punchy-bright sandals for contrast, and wear it on the hottest days to give your tips a dosage of cool. On Amazon for $4.01-$5.83.

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One thought on “China Glaze Ecollection “Recycle” Nail Lacquer: This Gray is Smoking Hot”

  1. China Glaze is my newest nail polish obsession! I don’t have this color; I have Pelican Gray and I love it! Their new gray crackle polish is very similar to Recycle and it looks great over my favorite light or bright colors.


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