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Dsquared2 Quebec Bag: Yellow Journalism


A big, bright, summery yellow bag is always on my shopping list. Who doesn’t like to see a ray of sunshine beaming out of her closet? Unfortunately, what I don’t care to see is a giant logo. That’s the difference between a bag snob and label whore. Love knowing my tote is designer, but, as they say, that’s for me to know and you to find out 😉 Maybe I wouldn’t mind if the lettering were more discreet or the placement subtler. Dsquared2 is not a brand I associate with my style (I guess I’m just not that cool), so it makes it that much worse. It’s a pity cuz everything else about the bag is just right: the patched pockets, streamlined details, and, of course, the look-at-me color. And with a large gusset for big items, a super-hip mommy could rock it as a great diaper-bag alternative for a not so mellow yellow to compete with your loud tot. On ShopBop for $1,000.

Pair with: Only those in the know will recognize these braided, buckled Alexander Wang sandals. Yellow and khaki-gray is a winning combo, and a baby wedge makes running around a cinch for the mom on the go. Alexander Wang Braided-Strap Mini-Wedge Sandals, $495.



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  1. Beautiful bag. Compared to some that I’ve seen, this one is very small.

    I was thinking that visible logos don’t bother me. That was until I looked at my handbag collection. Apparently, I’m wrong. I have 5 bags that don’t have visible logos. The other 20 or so don’t.