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International Playthings Hide ‘N’ Squeak Eggs: Sugar-Free But Oh, So Sweet


To be honest, I dread holidays, both American and Chinese. For some reason, they all involve candy and treats! And those aren’t good for tots (sugar rushes! cavities!) and mommies (refined sugars! bad fats!) alike. Here’s something to stick in the Easter basket that both you and your tot will love. Hide ‘N’ Squeak Eggs are little friends that will entertain is as many ways as there are eggs in the crate. Crack them open to discover charming little chicks in all different colors. Mix and match expressive egg faces. And press down on the chicks’ heads to hear them go “cheep!” What could be better for an Easter egg hunt? The only catch is you might have to reach for a piece of dark chocolate that umpteenth chicken chirp. At My Child Playhouses for $12.95.



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  1. My daughter got these for her first Easter and she still plays with them at 3. My younger daughter is now starting to play with them at 8 months and loves them too.