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Kotur “Morley” Sueded Snakeskin Clutch and Emi Jorge “Symphony No. 5” Clutch: Buried Treasures


Who can resist a little under-the-sea enchantment? Sure, I’m always hesitant about the bag that could read as gimmicky or too costume-party (a Judith Leiber clutch resembling a sparkly Dalmatian puppy comes to mind). But in colors so vibrant and materials so delicious, these are like graspable jewels. Emi Jorge‘s burnished gold serpent tentacles look more like twisted spikes than calamari and Kotur‘s cool turquoise python will instantly brighten your wardrobe and your season. Burnt coral fabric is as appealing as sueded snakeskin when it’s decked with such drama: the question is if you prefer your clutches hardware-heavy or touchably luxe. Either way, you have a cocktail hour pick-me-up, with a bag brighter, and probably more refreshing, than your drink. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” would never have carried anything so chic. Kotur “Morley” at L-Atitude for $560. Emi Jorge “Symphony No. 5” at L-Atitude for $650.

Pair with: A fishbone pendant necklace is in keeping with your deep-sea diver treasure. The “Trigger Fish” necklace by Jill Platner, with a sterling charm on a braided cord looks fresh, not fishy. At Barneys New York for $487.50.



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  1. I’ll take that Judith Leiber dalmation puppy, thank-you-very-much. The Kotur turquoise python is usable, but the squid? Only for a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea gala.