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Lanvin “Dear Danae” Convertible Washed-Leather and Python Bag: Double Take


Lanvin, you had me fooled. Looks like I complained too soon about the “Dear Danae.” This one’s got all the features I crave and love. An impeccable shoulder bag with a pinch of intrigue, via the offset zippered pocket, plus a zip compartment under the flap (great for easy access to key essentials).

I haven’t met too many bags that like to travel in pairs, but this one has a python Siamese twin – actually a clutch with an expandable gusset when detached, but a bit like an odd growth when latched onto the bag. Now I’m not sure why you’d ever need to have a clutch on your shoulder bag with you. And what happens to the rest of your bag when you set your clutch free for evening adventures, if you dontnhave your car as storage? I suppose if you have a really busy day with loads to carry, you always have the option of using both (treat the clutch like a makeup case and keep your items separate). To resolve the mystery, I would regard this as a two-for-one deal. Although some might argue that at this price, it should come with a third diamond-encrusted pouch. But, hey, there’s python! If you ask me, a good skin can sometimes trump bling – clearly, I’m a bag person. On Net-a-Porter for $2,520.

Pair with: Let’s not be silly: I love my jewelry. Like Mallarino’s 24-karat ring, in a leafy floral design that’s generous on your finger. Mallarino “Paloma” 24-Karat Gold-Vermeil Ring, $275.



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