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Anthony Logistics for Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser: One Man’s Trash is a Woman’s Treasure

There is a reason why Anthony Logistics’ Glycolic Cleanser for men has been a top-seller at Sephora’s for ten years now. I bought it for my husband because he complains about the razor burn he sustains from the bumps on his face. I’ve tried to encourage him to exfoliate and do this and that, but that was asking too much. So I thought I’d start with a simple cleanser. Well, apparently, that was also too much for him. So I tried it! And it’s amazing! A three-in-one lotion cleanser with glycolic acid (and no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances) that very gently removes dead skin cells and prevents razor burn for boys, but for girls – deep cleaning, smooth soft skin. It promotes skin cell growth with continued use. When I use it with my Clarisonic brush, it’s similar to the cleansing I get with a facial. I’ve tried other glycolic cleansers but there was always something I didn’t like – the consistency, or scent, or how it doesn’t wash off completely. But with this non-drying cleanser, I’m sold. It is a light gel that washes clean – it is easy to remove since it doesn’t lather, and has a pleasant scene (a bit citrusy). Most importantly, it leaves your face feeling so good. I’ve found that with regular use (and exfoliating) it provides a deep cleansing and removes those stubborn bumps on the chin and forehead. I especially loving using it right before a mask as it ensures deep penetration of whatever mask you’re using. (As with any product containing glycolic acid, don’t use if you have overly sensitive skin.) Lucky for me my husband is stubborn, oh well, I shouldn’t complain, more for me! At Sephora for $21 (for 8 oz.) or $35 (for 32 oz. which comes with a dispensing pump which is quite handy).



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