Alexander McQueen Cut-Out Python Booties: Buckle Up and Hear Them Say “Ahh!”


Update: Turns out someone at Neiman Marcus thought these were Alaias and displayed them on the Alaia table. I was so enthralled by the white python sculpted masterpiece I didn’t even look inside!

While you gasp and try to catch your breath, I’ll tell you about this perfectly crafted piece of wearable art. White. Python. McQueen. Need I say more?

While it is indisputably breathtaking, a bootie with piercing white python with dazzling cut-outs and a lacquered-up heel feels like a breath of fresh air. No McQueen creation would be complete without the element of sex, would it? Brass nailheads along the edge frame the shoe and also give delicate snakeskin the touch of tough-girl edge it deserves.

I would not wear a body-con mini-dress with these – too typical, too sexy. And these too atypical and sexy enough for five bandage dresses. Go for something loosely structured or unexpected – like a school boy blazer! At Neiman Marcus for $2,150.

Pair with: A few school uniform-, menswear-, and even military-inspired jackets include:

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Alexander McQueen Sleeveless Stretch Cotton-Twill Jacket On Net-a-Porter for $1,275.


Smythe One Button Blazer On ShopBop for $595.


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