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Should K buy this bag? Snob or Slob?


Dear Readers,

K-, A snob who is traveling in Paris, has become smitten by this bag and is wondering whether or not to splurge. Will it go with enough things, she wonders? How would you counsel her? Weigh in here!

Should K Buy This Bag?Market Research

14 thoughts on “Should K buy this bag? Snob or Slob?

  1. That looks like an alien gave birth to a summer handbag. How does that even look on? If I saw it on her, maybe I could judge more appropriately, but right now, that thing is hideous.

  2. I have no words, even if I did they probably would not be positive ones.

  3. It has a lot going on with it. I see too maybe straps, handles and zippers. it could be a bit frustrating after awhile. I would vote “No”

  4. debbie on said:

    Who is K? If it’s Kelly, she wouldn’t be caught dead with that mess.

  5. K. Lyn on said:

    From one K to another, don’t do it!

  6. No… please!

    That’s all I got.

  7. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    It’s not Kelly! She’s at Legoland in San Diego lol

  8. I like it! Wonder how the quality is. Yesssir.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Who is the designer of this bag? It reminds just a little bit of that foley and corinna shape. Not sure I love this bag but would like to see how it sits on her shoulder or cna you fold it over and lay in crook of your arm?

  10. Can’t make out where it starts or ends…Unless u really want to STAND OUT!!!

  11. tagatha on said:

    It looks like a dismantled corset, so… no.

  12. even though i think the stitching on the edge looks kind of cute, but i still vote NO because the bag just looks really complicated!

  13. Hideous! I can’t find anything remotely attractive about this bag. It’s most likely expensive although no idea who is actually responsible for this atrocious design. Certainly not something you would want to carry in a couple years time. Never ever buy on impulse. Not worth it!

  14. oh boy on said:

    what the heck is even going on with that thing?

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