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Sultra The Bombshell 1″ Curling Iron: No Fuss, A Little Muss


Every time I watched my hair stylist use The Bombshell with such effortless abandon, I attributed my perfectly tousled hair to the magic fingers of a pro. Well, I tried it myself and he’s not the only one with charmed hands. I can do it, too! Finally, a curling iron that’s easy to use. The Bombshell’s now responsible for my salon look, sans salon.

Just twirl your hair around the barrel for a second – and boom! No tricky clamp to manipulate your hair under. The result is natural, beachy, messy locks – hence, the name “bombshell” – since it doesn’t grab the tippy-top ends. And who doesn’t want Brigitte Bardot-worthy sex kitten hair?

Since the rod is just an inch thick, this only works on long hair since it’ll be hard to wrap short hair around it, else you’ll get burned (they do sell protective gloves!). Create tight or loose curls depending on how much hair you wrap at a time. On a super high-maintenance day, use hot rollers first, then let The Bombshell add the final touch of varied curls. Or use it on second-day hair for a quick touch-up.

You’ll be shocked at what a snap this is, and you might not be the only one. When my husband used to spot my curling iron making an appearance, he would nestle down with a scotch and a magazine. Last date night he hadn’t even gotten the ice tray out and I was waiting at the door – and I can’t lie: my hair looked phenomenal. At Sephora for $130.



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