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Swash Zebra Jungle Scarf Bag: A Beautiful Nightmare


This bag is so ugly. So why I can’t I take my eyes off it? It’s a scene from the menagerie of my nightmares. Where to begin? Scary rabid animals have been printed on silk to look as if they’ve been aggressively chained to the handles. The fire-eyed snake, snarling sharp little teeth, could have been hatched in a nuclear waste dump. The grotesquely abstracted zebra stripes more closely resemble the long, nasty tails of opossums, pretty much the most despicable animal ever. And perhaps most strangely, those chains might actually be trombones. Needless to say, the overall outcome should repulse me, but instead I’m intrigued. There’s definitely a lure in the perverse. And while it’s hardly attractive, I’m oddly attracted to it. I’m not about to carry this surreal handbag myself, but I would give props to the woman who does, for her boldness and strong sense of self. At Barneys New York for $595.

Pair with: Since your letting your devilish side out, a red dress is in order. Narciso Rodriguez‘s crew-neck sheath dress is clean and classy. At Barneys New York for $1,595.

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