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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar Soap: So Fresh and So Clean


I bought Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar for my husband and promptly used it myself. I’m usually a shower gel kind of girl, but after my workout, the crisp scent enticed me. Well, I loved it! The tee tree oil tingled and invigorated my exhausted body, and the little exfoliating bits removed all that sweaty grime from my exercise session. My skin was left super clean, minty fresh, and not at all stripped down (the way most harsh bar soaps leave your skin). Of course, I always use lotion post-shower, regardless. I can imagine what a refreshingly cool relief this would give on a hot summer day – and we know they’re coming. The bar is especially great to pack on a trip. No leaking! And I’ve learned that no matter how fabulous the hotel is, don’t use their soap. Unless, of course, it’s true luxury level. This will be a mainstay in both my travel kit and bathroom from now on. I just hope my husband doesn’t catch on and use it up! Tea Tree Body Bar Soap Paul Mitchell for $4.99.



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  1. We’re firm believers that nothing gets you cleaner than a good ol’ tea tree scrub down and for $4.99, how can you say no? Amazing find! xx Glazed

  2. Tea tree oil is so good… for your skin too! I love Paul Mitchell’s tea tree shampoo as well. Love the tingly sensation and love using natural ingredients in my beauty regimen 😛