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Alaïa Raffia Platform Wedge Sandals: Raffia Gone Wild


Alluring Alaïa shoes keep reeling us back in! After Tina’s disastrous Alaïa incident, I’m not sure I ever want to pay two grand for a pair of their shoes. There’s nothing on these wedges that can fall off (unlike Tina’s heavy-metal plaque), but then again, should raffia ever be priced at two thousand bucks?

They are beautiful, though: thick, braided raffia looks romantic and striking against a wickedly curvaceous wedge. A chunky buckle ankle-strap makes them wearable and even day-appropriate. The height is impressive and somehow not intimidating: the platform is 3″, so the pitch is a manageable 3.5″. That’s my cut-off for comfort; anything higher and the arches ache. These platforms are a dreamy vacation shoe, but remember you aren’t packing – or spending – light. These shoes alone will take you over the luggage weight limit, and maybe over your summer vacation budget! On Net-a-Porter for $2,045.

Pair with: Show off those gams in Kenny‘s “Seoul” shorts, woven lightweight tweed with metallic and ribbon accents in the colors of a tropical sunset. On ShopBop for $150.



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