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Camilla Skovgaard Patent Leather Sandal: Super Sandal


Camilla Skovgaard is a fairly new shoe designer who has already developed an unmistakable style: high-heels for the girl who dresses herself and owns the room, and with a penchant for treaded soles, she also isn’t afraid to break into a run. Or in this case, possibly take off in mid-air. While this patent leather sandal lack Skovgaard’s trademark sole, the straps don’t just end at the back but flair out and make the shoe look like it’s taking flight. It’s futuristic, though not in an un-wearable way – hey, the future is now! Somehow, this is also classic and versatile. Maybe the allure is in the mottled, cracked patent leather with a grungy texture for a super-cool look. I’m even finding myself wishing for the classic, crazy Skovgaard rubber sole. So it might be a little costume-y, but now would that be so bad?

Pair with: Zadig & Voltaire’s metallic snake-effect shoulder bag is a classic shape with a chained-out rocker edge – a flash-of-lightning-esque bag for your winged sandals. Zadig & Voltaire “Rock Snake Deluxe” Shoulder Bag, $490.



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