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Eye Cream Showdown!


If you read “Ice Cream Showdown” in the title, skip to the “Diet and Exercise” category immediately. For those of you more concerned with crows’ feet than cookie dough, read on! I am sent handfuls of eye creams to review each year, but what do I spend my hard-earned money on? (At full retail price, I should add.) There are four I’ve come to cherish and rotate on a regular basis. Here is the cream of the eye cream crop:

1) Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream: I go through a container of Fresh’s Crème Ancienne every 4-6 months. My SA says the half-an-ounce should last me a year (what?!). Try as I might to use a teeny-tiny bit of this yummy, fast-absorbing cream, I can’t resist scooping out more to drench my tired and dehydrated eye area! I pay full-price for this baby, and I’m not complaining. It’s worth every penny. I switch it up with a few other eye creams (it’s good to change brands every so often to avoid buildup), but like a faithful dog, I inevitably return to my trusty Crème Ancienne. At Sephora for $95 (for .5 oz).

2) Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream: For obvious reasons, I only buy this once a year (buy two pots and the cost nears two dollars a day!). It’s awesome during the harsh winter months, though even then I treat Nano Gold cream like real gold and use it very sparingly. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $260 (for .5 oz).

3) La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream with SPF 15: I’ve been semi-faithful to La Prairie’s cream on and off since college. I’ve taken a lengthy hiatus from the Swiss brand; I might have to grab a jar on my next trip to Nordstrom. At Nordstrom for $155 (for .5 oz).

4) Kiehl’s Ultra-Protection Moisturizing Eye Gel with SPF 15: I buy this in bulk, but that hasn’t seemed to stop Kiehl’s from discontinuing it! (Screaming silently.) I have applied this gel with dedication since high school and always used to keep a tube in my car, one in my makeup bag, and another in my beauty drawer. Sadly, those days are gone. But it’s still the best eye cream under $30, by far. We need to petition Kiehl’s to bring it back, ASAP! At Neiman Marcus for $35 (or at least it used to be).



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  1. I’ve been a fan of the La Prairie for years. I’ll buy this in the summer for the extra SPF 15. It’s hard to find SPF for the eye area that doesn’t sting. I’ll try out the fresh for a change up- thanks for the rec!

  2. I giggled at the ice cream mention, teeheehee. Love this list I will have to try Fresh my friend has been talking about it as well. Great list!

  3. Am a big eye cream user. Have used L’or de vie, Revive and now YSL. They can get pricey but worth every penny especially as one ages. What do you think about these brands? Will try some of your mentioned brands as well.

    You’re absolutely right about switching / rotating brands on a regular basis. It really helps the skin and you can see the difference!

  4. This is my first time posting a comment. I love your recommendations, and when I noticed you’re distress, regarding the discontinuation of Kiehl’s Ultra-Protection Moisturizing Eye Gel, I thought I should mention a product I just started using. It’s made by the company, “Simply Divine Botanicals” and the name of the eye gel is “Pack Your Bags They’re Leaving,” which is described as an “instant gratifying eye gel” on the label beneath the name. I often shop at Beauty Habit ( as they are a very well stocked beauty boutique, and this product was unanimously recommended by the staff. My “eye issue” is puffiness and discoloration. I requested a product from their Natural/Organic section, and this qualifies across the board. It costs $35.00 for a 1 oz. jar. “Simply Divine Botanicals” suggests that you do a 5 minute test, when you first use the product by putting it under the eye and on the lid of one eye, first, to see the results. I was stunned, when I tried this test. It’s and eye “gel” not cream, but not drying, and doesn’t sting. It just feels refreshing. You may want to try it, now that the Kiehl’s product is no longer available.

    If you’ve written about this product in the past, or anyone has had any long term negative results, please post a comment about this, as I’ve just begun using it. I realize I’m posting this a long time after the initial comments.