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Marni Textured Bucket Bag: January’s Not-So-Basic Basic Bag


Versace girl January Jones is known for her sleek, simple style (and now a talked-about pregnancy!). But anyone trailing her could recognize the fine-featured blonde by her Marni bucket bag. Whether she’s dashing off to a sports event or lunching with the girls, January always has her leather bag in tow! I can see why: black totes tend to border on boring, but this embellished bucket has playful details to keep your eyes interested. All those oversized studs, so big they are pure pop art, give it depth and flavor. I’m all for girls having a trademark satchel, but maybe January would like to mix it up with Marni’s mouse-gray version shoulder version sometime? Carry on! Marni Textured Bucket Bag, at Hamrah’s for $1,715.



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  1. Sounds like January is a woman after my own heart. I know, personally, when I find a bag I like, I tend to want to hold on to it, well, a little too long. I am increasingly difficult to please in the handbag category but I BEYOND LOVE her bucket bag. My main problem is always not enough space and this bag seems to have space to spare. I say if she’s found the bag she likes and it’s her signature bag, stick with it, especially when the bag is such a cutie. Thanks for all the great blogs. Blog on!!

  2. You know, I have a lot of bags but find myself using the same ones over and over and over and over….

    Thanks for your support!