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Juliet & Company Grand Fleur Necklace: Slop or Snob?


This necklace has me as undeceive as I am in the ice cream section at the grocery store. Should I? No, I shouldn’t- it’s probably not good for me and will eventually hurt me… but it’s like a hot stove I just want to touch and see if it’s actually bad.

The Juliet & Company Grand Fleur necklace is a knot of over-the-top-ness. The thick cluster of beads spins you in floral shapes and winds around your neck like a vine about to choke you. However, I love it. I can’t exactly explain why. It looks like a bib necklace on steroids but the flowers draw my eyes in, the beading keeps them there and the drama of the entire look makes it romantic to me, but in a forbidden way, which I love, as all women do.

What do you guys think? I think the turquoise is just too much but the black and blush could be pulled of with a simple LBD or an elegant cocktail dress.

Should I… or shouldn’t I?

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