La Prairie Cellular Treatment Eye Colour Ensemble: The Eyes Have It


I need all the help I can get when it comes to the delicate skin on my eyelids. They are starting to lose integrity – I can tell when I apply shadow that they seem ever-so-slighly looser than before. So I love using La Prairie shadows. They look beautiful and have that extra benefit of being good for your skin (I’m not exactly sure what the benefits are, but at least I know I’m not causing greater damage). Their Cellular Treatment Eye Colour Ensemble comes in a variety of five summery colors that are soft and warm. I always buy palettes; you can play with the colors and even combine different palettes. And they’re great for traveling – one favorite compact and I know I’m covered. I particularly love La Prairies’ Les Calla Lilies ensemble – not pastels, which certainly aren’t great for everyone. It gives the option of a soft look for daytime or a more dramatic evening look. All of the pigments are true-to-color with a longwearing finish that never creases – which is ultra important for eyelids lacking integrity. Blendable, brushable, instantly bewitching. At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $70

2 thoughts on “La Prairie Cellular Treatment Eye Colour Ensemble: The Eyes Have It

  1. La Prairie shadows give natural look. I think it is best for spring/summer….. I will buy as soon as possible.

  2. Do you think that you should let your skin rest a little bit of makeup now and then? Let it breathe for a few days. Thumbs up!

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