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L’Occitane Launches New Skincare and Makeup Range

I recently stopped by the Soho L’Occitane store to check-out their new makeup range and skincare line. The color collection is called Pivoine Flora and is formulated with peony extract to soften skin (just like their first makeup collection which they launched about a year ago). I was pretty bummed that they didn’t keep their original packaging, which mimicked the look of the packs of seeds you find at a nursery. Each package had an image and the name of the of the flower that inspired the product shade. The new look is still in keeping with L’Occitane clean and natural aesthetic it’s just not as quirky! You can see the whole collection here and it includes: Duo Eyeshadow ($16; available in 2 combinations)

Petals Eye Quartet ($26)

Healthy Glow Face Powder ($28)

Lipstick ($15; available in 4 shades)

Lip Shine ($14; available in 4 shades)

Incredible Lip Shine ($12)

Facecolor Cream Duo ($16; available in 3 shades).

As for skincare they just launched this week a brand new range called Angelique that includes six products each of which has been formulated with water and essential oils from angelica flowers found in the South of the France. The range includes: a Cleansing Gel ($20), Toner ($20), Hydration Cream ($39), Eye Care Roll-On ($26), Protective Lotion with SPF 15 ($34), and UV Shield Lotion with SPF 40 ($34). I never really think of L’Occitane for anything other than my body and hand care, but the products smell super light and refreshing and the price points make them enticing. I was given some samples at the event and I’m looking forward to lathering on the SPF 40 Memorial Weekend when I’m out in the Hamptons…crossing my fingers for lots of sun!


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