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Make Up Forever HD Foundation: Go ahead, take your close up


You want to know how I ended up beauty blogger? I was that girl, the one who sees cosmetic ads of models with flawless skin and rushes out to buy whatever it is they’re selling. You know, just in case it works. No product is too weird or outlandish for me, I will try anything at least once in the name of beauty! When I saw the new ad for Make up forever‘s HD foundation in this month’s Vanity Fair on the flight to NYC yesterday, I tore it out and went to Sephora within hours of landing. I love Sephora, all the shades are there for your perusal without any pushy SAs telling you what to do. I tried 5-6 shades before settling on 125. The full coverage is serious business, yet it does not feel heavy. It disappears into the skin almost immediately and has a powdery, almost velvety appearance. It’s also oil free which will be fabulous for the snobs with oily skin. I like a bit of dewiness to my foundation and though this is more on the matte side, it’s not dry. So perfect for humid weather in Asia this summer!

I have a top secret photo-shoot today with a major publication, we will see if the foundation performs as promised when the feature comes out! Make Up Forever HD Foundation $40 at



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