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Massage Envy: Good When You Need It


Massage Envy is a massage studio conveniently located in your nearest strip mall. It is a franchise of over 300 studios. It has a store front that is not all that appealing so, like me, you will probably pass by it for years and never consider getting a massage there. I finally relented after hearing good things from a few friends, I figured, how bad could a massage be? For $49, I can deal with it, right? I was actually quite surprised by the massage rooms. Sure, it is not award winning spa material, there are no amenities other than a comfortable sitting area with cucumber orange water, but it is spotlessly clean, smells nice and has very comfortable massage tables. That’s really all I need for an everyday massage. The entire franchise is a bit hard to review since I’ve only been to one, and as with all massages, it all depends on the masseuse, but for the introductory massage of $49, I would definitely check one out nearby.

This is a membership program, so you have to sign up for a monthly subscription of $49 (you only get the $49 massage once before you sign up for a membership). Each month you get one 1 hour massage, and any additional for $49. If you skip a month, it rolls over to the next month and there is no limit to how many you can rack up. You can also do a 2 hour massage at once to use up your sessions. This is by no means a substitute for my regular spa visits but if you’re having a rough week (or day), this is a nice way to relax without spending too much time and money. I have found the masseuse that I like and with regular visits she has gotten to know exactly what I like. I love knowing after a hard workout or an exhausting day, I can easily book a massage to melt my troubles away. Visit the Massage Envy website to find one near you.



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  1. i don’t know if they all have this, however, the one near my friends in VA has easy online booking and late hours and they can usually get a massage the same day they decide they want one.

  2. I always see these stores everywhere, and always wondered how this worked! I might just give this a try… seems like a great deal considering most spa massages are on the hundred + !

  3. I just tried this…it was a great massage! I wish they had these in Manhattan, i would definitely sign up for a membership.