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Rebecca Minkoff Navajo Studded Chain Clutch: Yee-Haw



As soon as the first hint of summer starts to make its way to my door, I all of a sudden start to think I’m a cowboy. I’m not sure why this phenomenon happens and it doesn’t even last all season, but right at the beginning I usually want to break out some flat boots, a denim dress and a bag like this and big shades and head out on an adventure. Now, while on a recent vacation I tried on one of these fun denim dresses and the super hot sales guy decided “something was missing” and I looked like I was wearing a nightgown, so he fished out a fantastic big fat belt and it completed the look. So if all else fails just belt it. Lesson learned. This bag completes the laid back western look with polished gold studs and patterned leather. The chain shoulder strap classes it up a bit as to not make you feel like you’re headed to a hoe-down (but if you are, that is awesome). This bag isn’t one to take too seriously and pair with fancy outfits. It’s to be worn for fun and to kick start the weather. Throw some braids in your hair, pop on some coral lipstick and pick up this bag at a reasonable, won’t break your summer bank price ($330) at Saks Fifth Avenue!


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