Andrea Piccini Silver Pearl Pendant Necklace: Pearl of Wisdom


Maybe it’s just my motherly instincts coming out, but this necklace brings to mind a precious egg nestled in an abstract nest. Coils of textured silver swirl around and around, loosely encircling and protecting this pristine baby pearl, just the way a momma bird would guard her young. At the same time, the metal creates a rustic spotlight from which it brightly shines. Knotted black and silver leather cords make this treasure even more organic and highlight just how special this off-centered gemstone really is. So personal and intimate by nature – even more so than something typical like a locket or cameo, it’s also a bold statement piece that will coordinate easily. On Luisa Via Roma for $627.

Pair with: This is the kind of piece that is best complimented by casual luxury, like something as low-key as a T-shirt. Kain’s washed silk T-shirt acts as a clean, neutral palette. On Net-a-Porter for $160.


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