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Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave Gel: Let’s Not Split Hairs Here


Summertime is here in full effect and you know what that means: the daily routine of shaving. Ughhh! Well, the least we can do is opt for a shave cream that performs double duty. Aveeno’s Positively Smooth Shave Gel gives you a smooth shave, so you leave the shower without nicks and burns (beyond essential for frequent shaving – nothing sexy about cut-up legs!), and there’s a big bonus. The shave with this gel is soooo smooth and close you can skip a day and still be stubble-free (that’s what Aveeno means by their claim to “reduce the reappearance of hair”).

It comes out like a gel and rapidly puffs up into foamy shaving cream, super-thick so it coats your skin completely – I hate a thin, wimpy formula – and it doesn’t slide off while your shaving – even worse, when the cream runs down your leg and disappears before your eyes. You can see all of your hairs stick straight up through the cream.

Your skin is left so soft and replenished, not irritated. Such a delight! I’m mad for moisture, so I still apply lotion or oil after my shave, and there is none of that typical stinging you get from “open wounds” caused by a rough shave. On for $4.29.



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