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Beach Body Works: A Holistic Day Spa in Redondo Beach

holistic_healing_rituals.jpgSometimes a friend makes a recommendation and it sounds great but you never follow through on it. And then there are those times when the universe does everything to ensure you do follow through. Like when my friend Allison talked about getting a holistic body wrap detox at Beach Body Works and I immediately picked up my phone and made an appointment. It was probably the best thing I’ve done for my body since I started a workout routine with a trainer. It is called the Shape Shift Fusion and sculpts the body with an intense detox treatment.

The entire treatment takes place on a heated vibrating bed. The vibration stimulates the lymphatic system which is what drains the body of toxins. The heat causes profuse sweating – the skin is the biggest organ for removal of toxins in our body. The first step was a shot of B vitamins (by mouth, not injection!) followed by a dry brush all over the entire body. Then a slew of organic mixtures were in turn applied all over – minerals, essential oils, botanicals and then a slimming cream. Hmmm, where can I get my hands on this magic potion? This slimming cream was applied to target areas like the love handles, the lats and of course tummy (I would have been happy to apply this neck to ankle!!). I got off the bed and I stood with my arms out and was wrapped in bandages like a mummy. Strategic target areas were made tighter. Then back on the vibrating heat bed.

At this point, the heat really came into play. I was already mummified but then a giant heat pad was wrapped around my entire body upon which several blankets were placed. Just in case any heat was to escape from my head, a heated towel saturated in herbs was put on my face, for a facial detox. OK, I was hot and not yet sweating so it was not comfortable. But then Cindi, my “healer”, started to tell me about her tattoo that wrapped around her entire torso. This conversation lead to stories about her life and we started chatting like old friends. This was 45 minutes into the treatment but I swear I must have known for much longer! Next thing I knew, I was SWEATING!! Imagine running on a treadmill at 6 miles per hour, inside a dry sauna. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life. Once the sweating started, she timed it so that I would continue for 30 more minutes. I was hot but no longer uncomfortable. It helped that she told me this sweat out will work off 4,000 calories!!! I wanted to stay in there all day now =) But the last few minutes did get a bit intense, I started to squirm and the heat intensified and my skin began to crawl. So she released my feet and upper chest and sprayed water on my neck to get me through the remaining few minutes.

I did not expect to be unwrapped and suddenly have Brooklyn Decker’s body but there were indisputable immediate results. My biceps suddenly popped (didn’t realize I had any) and my waist had way more definition!! The love handles were way less menacing and when I put on my jeans, WHAT?, is the muffin top less floppy?? The results are expected to continue for the next 2 weeks if I watch my diet and drink plenty of water. The instructions for immediately following the treatment was light exercise so I went for a hike up a hill. The next morning, I don’t want to be graphic but I think it is necessary to point out, well, let’s just say the internal detox continued and was purged in notable fashion.

Suffice to say, I am telling everyone to get this done!! If you are in the area, you must make an appointment. The treatment is $300 and lasts about 2 1/2 hours. Contact Cindi and tell her Beauty Snob Kelly sent you, (310) 543-5060.



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