Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 Beauty Treatment

One of the things my friends are most shocked about when they come to events with me is that, believe it or not, not all of the women behind the products we use have great skin! I know that we all have moments were our skin goes nuts and breaks-out, but when I meet the people behind a line of skincare products and they don’t have enviable skin — whether it be uneven, blemished, overly wrinkled, etc — I most likely won’t try their products. I figure if they’re using it all the time and aren’t seeing results, why should I bother? Needless to say the opposite is also true. Case in point, Jamie O’Banion. The woman is gorgeous, seriously check her out live on HSN here.

I met O’Banion at an HSN event back in May and was struck by her flawless skin. “Hook me up to an IV of whatever she’s using” I thought! Turns out her father is a doctor, Dr. Terry James, and together the father-daughter team created Beauty Bioscience. Dr. James spend years developing beauty products for other brands, so he’s got the credentials to back it up. The brand has just launched with an anti-aging treatment kit ($97.50) and each of its products contains advanced proprietary technology. The kit is designed to be used twice a year (one kit lasts for the whole year). Clinical studies were done and results showed that wrinkles were reduced by 49% after 45 days (here’s a link again to the HSN video to see for yourself). It also works to even out skin tone and reduce pore size. The kit contains three phases with two steps in each (hence six bottles to be used twice a year). Each phase lasts two weeks. 

7 thoughts on “Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 Beauty Treatment

  1. Hi,

    I am DYING to get this…does ANYONE know where I can get this???? Its sold out at HSN.

  2. This seems like a pretty extensive regimen. I was wondering if this is pretty standard for skin care? In other words, what’s in and what’s out when it comes to skin care?

  3. Get this!!! Really does work. I went through the first cycle and I am thoroughly convinced it works. Wrinkles and pores lessened. I am 59 soon to be 60 and do not look it. I have tried all different things and would quit due to not seeing progress as fast as I wanted. Well let me tell you this. I saw a change in the first week and only got better. You do have to wear a sunscreen and your skin will burn some when outside, but that gets less as you use it. I actually didn’t stop after the 45 days.I started over, I know that it is suppose to restart after 6 mo. I liked so much what I saw I didn’t want a reverse. I ordered another on from HSN when it came back in stock, and has 3 flex pays on it, but well worth it. Try it what have you got to lose? You can send it back if you don’t like it.I think you will, though…

    • Wondering on said:

      Hi Kathy:

      I am just now finishing up my first two weeks of this product and I really do not see any change – I understood that it was suppose to help wrinkles, deep wrinkles, and smooth out skin. How long did it take for you


    I ordered this form a home shopping networks wich i shall not name do to legal issues. I used this product down to the teat of its directions, i read them over and over before i used and 2 times more after i started using well o my 6th day i noticed my face was odd feeling in the morning. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror hoping for good results and to see my neck firmer and forhead lines less noticable. Well let me tell you thats not what i got. I have chemical burns all over my face and my neck, my skin is leathered and my face has been swallen for a week. I have blood vessils that have risen to the surface of my skin and ar protruding and bleed at the slightest touch or scratch. My skin doctor says the blood vessils will not go away with out lazer sergery. I have grothes under my eyes that are white and flesh colored thaat i have to monitore now to make sure they are not cancer. I will never buy anything like this again. It is a nitemair that i have to wake up and look at everyday. I couldnt prevent this from happening becouse it happend as i sleep. If only i never baught it. Oh and by the way, the reason they push you to use sun block is becouse it caused cancerus growths when exposed to the sun

  5. Glad I read the last comment. I have a ruddish complexion and this sounds like it would make it worse

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