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Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion: Rule With a Velvet Glove


Now this is the kind if lotion you leave out for guests – it’s not showing off if you’re giving them something to indulge in! Diptyque‘s Velvet Hand Lotion is creamy, light as air yet rich as butter, and deeply penetrating and emulsive. What more could you ask of a lotion?! With organic floral water and sesame seed oil it restores and protects your skin by creating a delightful barrier for your hands from all the roughening and drying elements. It has a nice warm soft scent, since there’s honey and sweet almond milk in it – good enough to eat! And since I hate overpowering scents this is a delicious smelling treat. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle that is so much nicer than plastic. Paired with a candle it makes a wonderful gift – but it’s so yummy it’ll be hard to share or part with! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $42.

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