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Snob-ify Your Laundry: Tocca Delicato da Viaggio

Growing up my go-to shampoos and conditioners were from L’Oreal. At the time I loved them…they were super sudsy, smelled refreshing, and seemed to get the job done. Now I look back and think “what was I thinking”?? L’Oreal hair products, for the most part, are like working dish detergent into your hair! The exception products are their salon-only ones, but unfortunately those are not sold in drugstores or available unless you’re a haircare professional. Needless to say I can’t imagine going back to $3 L’Oreal haircare at this point. I’ve been having a similar experience with my laundry detergents. A few months ago I received the

Tocca Delicato da Viaggio

($22) as a gift and around that time I also got The Good Home Co’s Beach Days Laundry Detergent ($21.50…it has been so cold here in NYC I needed something to remind me that warm weather exists), and I don’t think I can ever go back to my regular old Tide again!

Not only do I love Tocca’s luxury detergents as a small little gift for a friend that “has it all,” but it really goes to show that it’s the small indulgences that can really give you the most pleasure. I use Beach Days exclusively for my sheets and Tocca’s signature laundry scents (they come in the brand’s most popular scents), for anything I hand wash. I’ll also put the “silk” or “hand wash” setting on my washing machine and use it for my day-to-day and going out clothes (the only thing I don’t “waste it on” is my stinky gym clothes which I need to wash on the “very hot” setting. There’s something about getting dressed in the morning and reaching for a garment that smells delicious that truly effects your mood (just think about how our moods are effected depending on what perfume we spray on ourselves!). I highly recommend indulging your friends and yourself in a seemingly trivial little pleasure:)


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