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Jason Wu Ecommerce Site: Pitching the Woo


Can’t get enough Jason Wu? Now you can wear your Wu and shop him, too! The brand-new site, currently features a photography collaboration with the man with the great eye for accessories, Tommy Ton and loads of other bag snob eye candy! All of the favorite bags are there and the selection of Fall 2011 bags is enough to get my heart aflutter.


The snappy and structured “Miss Wu” is the perennial favorite, but I’m really loving the python crossbody. Yes, the “Mini Miss Wu” ($2,350) packs a major punch of decadent texture and knock-your-socks-off color. Electric cobalt, candy apple, and golden caramel – you really can’t go wrong here. So Wu-worshipers, now you can get your fix from anywhere, anytime!


One thought on “Jason Wu Ecommerce Site: Pitching the Woo”

  1. Jason Wu is a genius. He gets all the hype going for his brand, and then he waits. And waits. And now FINALLY he’s got his online store! I’m so glad we commoners can peruse his pieces virtually, my lunch hours are officially booked for the next month!



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