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Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer: Soft and Strong


Don’t ever use Purell (well, unless it’s an emergency – like, God forbid, you need to use a Porta-Potty!). Purell is pure alcohol and will dry out your hands to a crisp. After prolonged use your hands will suffer irreparable damage. Instead, Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer has a formulation that cleans and actually hydrates your hands with each use! So no more reaching for the hand cream every time you purify your hands. Jurlique is known for using flowers and botanicals, not chemicals (Australian bush mint actually has antibacterial properties), so it’s genuinely gentle. You need no other option than this perfectly simple solution in the quest for cleanliness and softness! And it has a wonderful scent – who wants to smell like rubbing alcohol anyway? It comes in an attractive bottle for display in the kitchen or nursery, and it will make a wonderful teacher’s gift come first day of school. It’s also available in a travel size for on-the-go germ-fighting. At Sephora for $6.50.

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