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Kaufmanfranco Brushed Suede Utility Skirt: Packing Heat


Are you a hunter or a gatherer? No matter! You now have a skirt that won’t hinder you while you wander with a saddlebag built right in for all your findings. Kaufmanfranco has the woman’s answer to the tool belt. In suede even – very utilitarian indeed. There are even giant pockets on the back; with so much storage, it’s bigger than lots of bags! You can definitely carry all your essentials.

It all sounds like a convenient idea, but is it going to make me look fat if I carry too much stuff? This is the most practical little (or maybe not so, depending how much you utilize it) miniskirt, great for certain needs: Amusement parks (if you are a carnie working the arcade?), music festivals (sustenance and supplies), farmers’ market (slim fruits and vegetables), animal training (storing treats!). Actually, this might be pretty handy to have! And on sale now, which is the only time you should ever consider buying this hands-free skirt. On Net-a-Porter for $947.50 (from $1,895).



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